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UMWA – Going on seven month of striking and not back down!

UMWA miners on strike at Warrior Met Coal are going on their 7th month of striking, and the fight will continue until these miners get the contract that they deserve! This week at Tannehill State Park, UMWA International President Cecil E. Roberts reminds the crowd what all of this is for and repeats that we […]

UMWA members overwhelmingly ratify contract at Peabody’s Shoal Creek mine in Alabama

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE SEPTEMBER 27, 2021   UMWA members overwhelmingly ratify contract at Peabody’s Shoal Creek mine in Alabama   [MCCALLA, AL.] Members of the United Mine Workers of America (UMWA) Local Union 1948 yesterday ratified a new collective bargaining agreement at the Shoal Creek metallurgical coal mine in Alabama by a 63%-37% margin. The […]

Community marks 20th anniversary of Alabama mine disaster

Source: Associated Press September 24, 2021   An Alabama community marked the 20th anniversary Thursday of an underground explosion that killed more than a dozen coal miners in one of the state’s worst mining disasters in generations. The Alabama Miner’s Memorial Foundation planned a memorial service at a church in Brookwood, where the blast at […]

Lorin E. Kerr Scholarship Winners!

  The UMWA has announced the winners of the 2021-2022 Lorin E. Kerr E. Scholarship. Each of the winners will receive $2,500 this academic year to assist them in meeting their educational goals.   Reagan Smith is the granddaughter of Local Union 9926 member William Stetter. “My grandfather has put in decades of work,” said […]

Warrior Met Strike Solidarity Rally – September 22, 2021

The United Mine Workers were back at Tannehill State Park this week rallying for the miners on strike at Warrior Met Coal. These miners have sacrificed for years to bring this company out of bankruptcy and all they are asking for is a fair contract that they deserve! #WarriorMetsWrong 

Actively Retired Spotlight: Brother Dave Laurie

Local Union 1058 President Dave Laurie began his mining career on January 28, 1970, at the Humphrey Mine in Mount Morris, Pennsylvania. He worked as a general laborer and trackman on the afternoon shift and was laid off from that job after a short period of time. Upon returning to the mine, he worked as […]

Warrior Met Strikers Fighting for Families

It has been five months [Almost six at the time of publishing] since the United Mine Workers of America announced its strike against Warrior Met Coal. Warrior Met operates two mines, a preparation plant and a central shop, located in the heart of Alabama, 15 miles east of Tuscaloosa. The UMWA represents approximately 850 workers […]

Heaven Hill workers plan to strike over contract negotiations in Bardstown

Source: September 15, 2021     BARDSTOWN, Ky. (WDRB) — Nearly 400 workers at Heaven Hill’s Bardstown location plan to strike over contract negotiations. Since the summer, the union for the workers, United Food and Commercial Workers Local 23-D, have been negotiating with Heaven Hill Brands.     The current five-year contract ends Friday […]

Annual Labor Day picnic highlights Mountain State’s history

Source: 13News Reported by: Erin Noon     RACINE, WV (WOWK) — West Virginia labor leaders reflected on the state’s union history at the annual Labor Day celebration in Boone County. This picnic celebrates the achievements of labor unions and workers. This year, they also highlighted the Battle of Blair Mountain’s centennial and how it […]

Union Plus: Life Insurance

Source: Union Plus Life insurance plans help protect union families Get peace of mind for your family. A life insurance plan helps protect your family in case something unexpected happens to you. Find an insurance plan that’s right for your family I am 18 to 64 years old Term-to-70 Life Insurance  Plan This plan helps […]

A Century Ago, Miners Fought in a Bloody Uprising. Few Know About It Today

Source: The New York Times September 7, 2021 BLAIR, W.Va. — On the shoulder of a lonely stretch of highway miles into the hills, a sign stands in the weeds. “Battle of Blair Mt.,” it says, informing the tumbledown cinder block building across the road that here, 100 years ago, was the largest armed labor […]

Deadly 1921 Coal Miner Revolt in West Virginia Remembered

Source: Associated Press September 7, 2021 Fed up with the deadly work and poor wages and living conditions, thousands of coal miners marched to unionize in West Virginia a century ago, resulting in a deadly clash and the largest U.S. armed uprising since the Civil War. On Friday, some of their descendants joined others in […]

UMWA retraces miners’ march for Blair Mountain’s 100th anniversary

Source: 13News September 7, 2021 MARMET, WV (WOWK) – This week marks the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Blair Mountain, which took place in West Virginia. It was the largest labor uprising in US history. The Battle of Blair Mountain occurred in Logan County, West Virginia as part of the Coal Wars – a […]

UMWA reaches tentative agreement with Peabody Energy at Shoal Creek mine in Alabama

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE SEPTEMBER 2, 2021   UMWA reaches tentative agreement with Peabody Energy at Shoal Creek mine in Alabama   [TRIANGLE, VA.] The United Mine Workers of America (UMWA) announced today that it has reached a tentative agreement with Peabody Energy at the company’s Shoal Creek mine in Alabama. The mine has been closed […]

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