Local Union Meetings



If you are a UMWA member, the best way to get the most up-to-date news about what is going on at your workplace or within the union is to go to your local union meetings.


Having a strong Local Union has several benefits:

1.) Better wages

2.) Better benefits

3.) Better working conditions

4.) Greater job security

5.) Greater upward mobility

6.) Stronger industries

7.) More productive workers

8.) A stronger middle class

9.) More even wealth distribution

10.) Stronger communities


Each Local Union shall hold a membership meeting at least once each month at a regularly scheduled time and place. Special meetings may be called by the President but the notice of such meeting must be published at least three days in advance and must be posted and circulated in such a manner as to assure that members have the fullest opportunity to know of the meeting and its purposes.


If you don’t know your local union number or do not know when your local meets, call your District office.


For more information about Local Unions go to our For Locals page!


Local Union 425 members: Jeff Stewart, Keith Shoemaker, Norman Roe and Dennis Newman at the Carmeuse Lime and Stone facility in Maysville, KY