The United Mine Workers of America proudly represents thousands of manufacturing workers across the nation. Whether workers at a firearms manufacturer like Remington Arms in Ilion, NY, a laminator operator in Caldwell, OH, or a worker building steel beams in Uniontown, PA, the union is there to ensure a safe working environment, job security, good benefits, and a fair wage.

Do you work in manufacturing and are looking for a safer work environment with a fair wage and voice in your workplace?

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    Todd Stewart, L.U. 4826

    “There is not another union that can touch the UMWA. [As a UMWA member] when I go to work now I get respect. There’s no harassment whatsoever in the workplace anymore. We have 100% backing from the union.”

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    Looking for a safer work environment with good pay and benefits? Learn more about the benefits of being a UMWA member by clicking below. To speak with a UMWA representative, click here to find the Regional office closest to you.

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