Be a Labor Movement Activist

Workers are struggling all across the world to fight for safe working conditions, fair wages, and decent benefits. Below are some of the struggles working people are engaged in. It is important for all union brothers and sisters to come together in solidarity. United We Stand!


Prevent Right-to-Work laws from destroying your right to organize!

Republicans in Congress have introduced a bill that would destroy the American labor movement.

  • Based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages workers in states with right to work laws make, on average, $6,109 a year less annually than workers in other states ($44,401, compared with $50,511).
  • Poverty rates, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, are higher in states with right to work laws compared with states without these laws.
  • The National Education Association has shown that states with right to work laws spend 32.5% less on education than other states.
  • Workplace deaths are 49% MORE LIKELY in states that have right to work laws.

Let your member of Congress know you oppose H.R. 785! Click here to find your legislators.


Stop Outsourcing American Jobs!

Check the label and BOYCOTT Nabisco products made in Mexico!

Mondelez International outsourced the jobs of those who make Oreo cookies and other baked goods to Mexico, closing the largest commercial bakery in the United States. The company isn’t losing money, this move was simply to line the pockets of the CEO, Irene Rosenfeld and other stakeholders and executives. As a result, 600 union workers in Chicago lost their jobs.

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