Mine Academy Safety Committee Training

Mine Academy Safety Committee Training

The United Mine Workers of America Health and Safety Department, in collaboration with MSHA’s National Mine Health and Safety Academy, has for a number of years conducted annual Safety Committee Training for UMWA Local Union representatives.

The focus of this training is to enhance the skills and abilities of our members who act as Health and Safety Committeemen. We will be offering a variety of health and safety topics in a workshop approach, so as to provide training tailored to each Committeeman’s needs and experience level.

Our Committeeman provides a variety of very valuable services to miners, mine operators, other Committeeman, and MSHA. They participate in and assist MSHA in mine inspections and accident investigations. Their first-hand knowledge of mine where they are employed serves as a valuable asset during such inspections and investigations. They help ensure compliance with the law even when no inspector is present. They review and comment on any mining plans that must be submitted by the mine operator and approved by MSHA.

Their unique knowledge of mine layout, ventilation systems, roof control systems, electrical systems, transportation systems, and mining machinery has proven valuable in the review and evaluation of plans.

These training seminars will greatly enhance their knowledge of new and existing mining systems and technology that may already be used or put into use at their operations

The 2024 application can be downloaded here.


The four-day training holds a series of classes covering topics such as:

  • Citations and Orders
  • Roof Control and Ventilation
  • Impoundment Inspection Qualification
  • Hearing Loss and Other Mining Health Topics
  • Coal Workplace Exams and Respirable Dust
  • And more… 

Due to limited space, applications for this training are accepted on a first come first serve basis.