Navajo Nation

The United Mine Workers of America proudly represents thousands of public and private employees across the Navajo Nation. Workers on tribal lands are unlike any other in North America, with local union members spread out over vast areas. With the UMWA, they are no longer standing alone. They are united and able to collectively bargain for better wages, safer conditions, and benefits.

Do you work on another Native American reservation and are looking for a safer work environment with a fair wage and voice in your workplace? If you would like to learn more about the benefits of being a UMWA member, click here. To speak to a UMWA representative, click here to find the Regional office closest to you.


Elsie Dooley, L.U. 2005

"We are a stronger voice because we have a union. In case something comes up, we can go to the union and they will assist us with our grievances. They help solve the issue.”

Grievance Procedure Training Video

If you are a newly organized UMWA member on the Navajo Nation, please click below to watch the new grievance procedure training video.

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