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The United Mine Workers of America is more than just a labor organization, we are a family. Our members are spread out across North America, and through solidarity and unity we built the union to enrich the lives of every member and their family.


The primary benefit of membership in the UMWA is a collective bargaining agreement ensuring a fair wage, safe workplace, job security and benefits for our members and their families. If you feel that your contract has been breached, be sure to contact your local union leadership and/or District Representative to start the grievance process.


Please view our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for answers on a variety of topics concerning the UMWA, pensions and retirement, COMPAC, and other issues.


Feel free to also send us a question via email.

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Training Opportunities

There are various training opportunities for members throughout the year for workplace safety, local union leadership, and new technical skills. Click here for upcoming training information. Also be sure to check out the UMWA Career Centers page for upcoming classes and opportunities.