Secretary-Treasurer’s Office

International Headquarters – Secretary-Treasurer’s Office



Oversees all administrative and operational activities of the departments under the Secretary-Treasurer’s Office. Distributes operational and accounting forms and training to Local Union officers as well as manages Associate Memberships.


Department Head: Mike Phillippi, Executive Assistant to the Secretary-Treasurer, 703-291-2401


The Accounting Department oversees all of the union’s finances. Through successful investing and budgeting, the UMWA is one of the most financially secure unions in North America.


Department Head: Cristy Virtucio, Controller, 703-291-2406


The Department of Occupational Health and Safety enforces MSHA and OSHA rules at all workplaces organized by the UMWA. The department also enforces any safety regulations included in the union’s collective bargaining agreements not part of the federal mandates.


Department Head: Josh Roberts, Director of Occupational Health and Safety, 703-291-2433


The Coal Miners Political Action Committee (COMPAC) is the voice of UMWA members in the electoral process at the federal, state, and local levels. COMPAC Committees, at every level of the political process, ensure that the UMWA membership is informed about issues important to their jobs, their families, and their communities.


Department Head: Adam Banig, Director of Governmental Affairs, 703-291-2403


The Associate Membership is a way for a surviving spouse, family member, or general supporter of the United Mine Workers to become part of the movement to restore fairness, justice, and dignity for working families. This office also handles all Union Plus Benefits offered to all UMWA members!


Lead Staff Member: Chris Medley, Program Coordinator, 709-291-2434


The United Mine Workers of America Archives includes thousands of photographs of UMWA members and leaders, including those that were published in the United Mine Workers Journal, the longest continually-published labor periodical in the United States.


Department Head: Erin Bates, Communications Director

Local 2 Archivist: Erin Lundy, Secretary of Research and Contracts, 703-291-2415