COMPAC Endorsements

Every UMWA member’s job or retirement security is directly affected by the outcomes of elections. Whether it’s rules regarding health and safety on the job; your right to speak out and organize a union; the security of your health care and pension benefits; or government actions that threaten the future of your job, Social Security, or another benefit you need, elections matter to every UMWA member.

The UMWA COMPAC program is designed to give UMWA members the strongest voice possible in the elections process – and in making sure our voices are heard after elections as well.

Just like the UMWA itself, the UMWA COMPAC program is as strong as the membership makes it. COMPAC is built from local union committees up to the National Council of COMPAC, which is comprised of the International Executive Board.

All Area and State COMPAC Councils meet and make endorsements for state and local offices and recommendations for federal offices.

Federal candidate endorsements are voted on by the National Council of COMPAC based upon recommendations from State COMPAC Councils; state and local candidate endorsements are voted on by State COMPAC Councils. As endorsements and recommendations are made they will be posted here.









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