District 17

District 17 includes southern West Virginia and southern Ohio, eastern Kentucky and Virginia and North Carolina. Rich in militant labor history, District 17 led the charge for human rights in the workplace and the end of the rural “company town” system. Today, District 17 represents numerous miners, both coal and gravel, as well as health care workers and county employees.

District 17 members’ pensions and health care are on the line with the recent bankruptcies. Click here to find out how you can join with your District 17 brothers and sisters to pressure the government to Keep the Promise to UMWA retirees.

Officers and District Representatives:

Gary Trout – International District 17 Vice President
William Chapman – District 17 Representative
Brian Lacy – District 17 Representative

District 17 Offices

District 17 Contact Information:

1300 Kanawha Blvd., E.

Charleston, WV 25301


304-346-0353 (fax)


Sub-District Offices:

Castlewood Office (SD-28)

P.O. BOX 28, 114 Miner's Drive, Alt. 58

Castlewood, VA 24224


276-762-0460 (fax)

Chapmanville Office

P.O. Box 369, 127 Tomblin Drive

Chapmanville, WV 25508


304-855-2286 (fax)

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