President’s Office

International Headquarters – President’s Office


Oversees all administrative and operational activities of the union.


Department Head: Bob Scaramozzino, Executive Assistant to the President/Chief of Staff, 703-291-2420


The Organizing Department bolsters the UMWA’s future with an innovative and proactive organizing strategy with an intimate approach. They work to further diversify the union’s membership, bringing it into the next millennia.


Department Head: James Gibbs, At-Large International Vice President, 703-291-2423


The Legal Department represents the UMWA and its members in matters relating to collective bargaining, contract enforcement, government regulations, organizing, health and safety, corporate bankruptcy, and other matters requiring legal counsel.


Department Head: Kevin Fagan, General Counsel, 703-291-2463


The Government Affairs/External Communications Department advocates for the UMWA’s membership in Washington, D.C., and in state capitols throughout the U.S. regarding legislation and regulations that affect UMWA members and their families; and spreads the UMWA’s message to the general public across North America. All media inquiries should be directed to the Communications Department.


Department Head: Phil Smith, Communications and Governmental Affairs Director and UMWA Spokesman, 703-291-2430


The Journal Department produces the award-winning, bi-monthly publication The United Mine Workers Journal. The UMW Journal’s first issue was printed in January 1890, and it is the longest continually-published union periodical in North American history.


Department Head: Missy Hunt, Editor of the United Mine Workers Journal, 703-291-2405


The Social Media Department manages the union’s social media outlets, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, the UMWA Activist E-mail, and YouTube as well as the UMWA website. They ensure that our viewership gets the most up-to-date information about union activities. They also produce all in-house videography for the union as well as assist with any creative design the union may require.


Department Head: Erin Bates, Director of Social Media, 703-291-2457


Contracts Office provides industry-related information to decision-makers throughout the union for us in collective bargaining, strategic campaigns, legislative efforts, and legal documentation. It also works with the District Offices on contract enforcement.


Lead Staff Member: Jason Haught, Director of Research, 703-291-2415


The Diversity Office works both with other labor unions and affiliates and within the UMWA to promote diversity education and to build bridges between union brothers and sisters, for the protection of our member’s fundamental rights. We fight to defend the mental and physical well-being of our members in their work environments. Everyone, regardless of color, age, gender, or sexuality, has a right to feel comfortable in their workplace.


Lead Staff Member: Shanna Peeks, Civil Human Rights Coordinator, 703-291-2423

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