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The United Mine Workers of America (UMWA) takes immense pride in its longstanding commitment to representing the rights and welfare of Canadian coal miners. For over a century, the UMWA has been a steadfast advocate for these hardworking men and women, tirelessly working to secure their livelihoods and protect their interests.

Today, the UMWA continues its mission of representing both active and retired miners in several Canadian provinces, including Saskatchewan, Alberta, and Nova Scotia. Our presence in Canada reflects our dedication to ensuring that the rights and well-being of Canadian miners are safeguarded, mirroring our efforts in the United States.

A shining example of the UMWA’s commitment to the coal industry’s future is the Boundary Dam Power Plant, situated in Estevan, Saskatchewan. This power station embarked on a groundbreaking initiative in the fall of 2014 by implementing carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology on a commercial scale. It marked a significant milestone, as it was the first power station in the world to adopt CCS technology in a practical, real-world setting.

UMWA members play a pivotal role in ensuring the success of this innovative approach to energy production. They mine the coal that fuels the Boundary Dam Power Plant, illustrating the union’s dedication to adapting to changing times while preserving long-term coal jobs in North America. This transformative endeavor demonstrates that with innovation and a commitment to sustainability, the coal industry can adapt and thrive in a changing energy landscape.

The UMWA’s representation of Canadian coal miners and its involvement in pioneering initiatives like CCS technology at the Boundary Dam Power Plant are emblematic of the union’s forward-looking approach. As the world grapples with the challenges of climate change and the transition to cleaner energy sources, the UMWA remains at the forefront, advocating for its members and working towards innovative solutions that ensure the long-term viability of coal jobs in North America.

The UMWA’s century-long legacy of supporting Canadian coal miners and its dedication to securing their futures underscores the union’s commitment to representing the interests of all its members, whether in the United States or Canada. Together, the UMWA and its members forge a path toward a sustainable and prosperous future for all who labor in the coal industry.


Officers and District Representatives:

Jody Dukart – International Auditor/Teller

Canada Office

P.O. Box 496
Bienfait, Saskatchewan
Canada S0C 0M0
(306) 421-6071


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