Navajo Nation Elects New President

In October, 2022, voters in the Navajo Nation elected Dr. Buu Nygren as President of the Navajo Nation.  The youngest-ever Navajo Nation president at 36 years old, President Nygren campaigned on accountability, strengthening the Navajo economy and providing basic services to Navajo residents. He was sworn into office January 10, 2023, in Fort Defiance, Arizona.

“If you grew up the way I grew up, with no running water, no electricity, I lost my mom to alcoholism, I have relatives that we lost to alcoholism this year,” said President Nygren. “There’s this loss of hope and as president, I want to do what I can to make sure that our people have hope, that we’re not always going to be like this.”

The UMWA endorsed Nygren for President and International Representative Justin Tsosie served on his transition committee. The Union is in discussions with the new administration regarding once again recognizing the UMWA as the collective bargaining representative for some 1,500 Navajo Nation employees.