Firearms Manufacturers

The UMWA proudly represents the workers at the Remington Arms factory in Ilion, NY. And UMWA representation has been good for the company, too: productivity and profitability has grown over the years the Union has represented the workforce.

As with any factory that involves heavy machinery, sharp objects, exposure to industrial substances and the extremes of temperature and noise, the Ilion plant can be a dangerous place. But because of the safety and health language built in to a standard UMWA contract, the Local Union Safety Committee monitors the conditions to make sure management maintains the highest safety standards.

The UMWA contact also helps to ensure job security for the workers, and provides fair wages with good benefits and the ability to bid for desired positions based on seniority. Standing as one instead of forced to beg for favors as individuals, the workers at Remington Ilion plant have good, safe, union jobs and a more secure future.

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