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UMWA retirees have been fighting for their pensions for 5 years. We won’t stop until we win! Join us!

Will Congress break pension promise to coal miners, millions of other Americans?

Source: Lexington Herald Leader A life of hard work should bring more than an old age in poverty. President Gerald Ford underwrote that promise in 1974 by signing the Employee Retirement Income Security Act. The law authorized the use of premiums, not tax dollars, to insure private-sector pensions through the federally chartered Pension Benefits Guaranty […]

Optimism returns to Grande Cache as coal mine plans to reopen

Source: CBC News There is renewed optimism in the small resource community of Grande Cache after a foreign company agreed to buy the steel making coal mine that has been shuttered for two years and helped drain the town’s population. Hundreds of jobs were wiped out in the community northwest of Edmonton after metallurgical coal […]

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