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Tentative Agreement with BCOA

Click here to watch a video outlining the proposed agreement between the UMWA and the National Bituminous Coal Operators Assocation.

Q & A:

Some members asked good questions and raised important points in the explanation meetings regarding the longer-term implications of the proposed agreement. The UMWA believes it’s important for the membership to have as much information about the state of the coal industry and what the long-term prospects are.

U.S. Senators Speak Out in Support of Miners’ Protection Act

On May 25, 2016, five U.S. Senators spoke during the Senate floor proceedings about the need to pass the Miners’ Protection Act, S. 1714, to save the health care and pensions for hundreds of thousands of UMWA retirees, widows and their families. Click here to watch a short video highlighting the speeches.

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