New Legislation Introduced to Congress for Miner’s Pensions

American Miners Pension Act

Ludlow Massacre Archaeological Project

It’s been more than 100 years since approximately two dozen miners, including women and children, were killed in what is known as the Ludlow Massacre. Click here to learn more about the Ludlow Massacre Archaeological Project 20th Anniversary!

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NBCWA Panel Rights

Learn more about panel and recall rights for United Mine Workers of America members employed at The Ohio Valley Coal Company (TOVCC) and The Ohio Valley Transloading Company (TOVTC) under the terms of the 2016 National Bituminous Coal Wage Agreement (NBCWA).

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Keep the Promise

Congress needs to Keep America’s Promise to the family who desperately need the health insurance that they earned. Tell your Senators and member of Congress to support the Miners’ Protection Act. The fight continues to keep cradle to grave insurance for our miners!

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UMWA statement: The CPP was destined to fail. America must take a different path to address GHG emissions. 8 days ago

“West Virginians have a great opportunity to vastly improve our state's transportation system while also helping the economy grow for everyone and hopefully provide job opportunities for thousands of workers across our state." 12 days ago

This new legislation, building on a gridlock-busting agreement in May 2017 to preserve health care for retired miners and their families, will safeguard U.S. taxpayers against a multi-billion dollar liability from UMWA 1974 Pension Plan insolvency. 15 days ago

UMWA statement: The CPP was destined to fail. America must take a different path to address GHG emissions. 8 days ago

A Press Conference was held today up on Capitol Hill to discuss the new American Miners Protection Act that was introduced to Congress. Let's make sure Congress remembers to #KeepThePromise! Visit to see the video from today's event. #UMWA 15 days ago

A bipartisan group of U.S. senators and representatives announced today the introduction of the “American Miners Protection (AMP) Act.” The new legislation would protect the pensions of retired coal miners whose pensions have been placed in jeopardy by an unprecedented wave of bankruptcies by coal producers. 15 days ago

President Roberts talks about the fight to win retirees health care, and the need to preserve pensions. The International Executive Board called for a Special Convention to ensure the Union has the resources to win the pension battle and successfully bargain contracts for our Members. 4 months ago