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Jim Walters Resources #5 Mine Disaster

Jim Walters Resources #5 Mine Disaster

"Whether they were firefighters from Brooklyn, New York, or miners from Brookwood, Alabama, America's heroes are mostly ordinary people who do extraordinary things with extraordinary courage"
Elaine Chao, U.S. Secretary of Labor

On September 23rd, two explosions rocked the Jim Walter No. 5 underground mine in Brookwood, Alabama. Thirteen coal miners were killed in the explosions, twelve of whom had rushed into the mine to save their trapped co-workers. This is the single largest coal mining disaster in the United States since 1984.

UMWA Report on Jim Walter Resources #5 Mine Disaster

The Fallen Heroes
Gaston Adams Jr., 56
Ray Ashworth, 53
Nelson Banks, 52
Dave Blevins, 52
Clarence Boyd, 38
Wendell Johnson, 52
John Knox, 44
Dennis Mobley, 56
Charles Nail, 59
Joe Riggs, 51
Charles Smith, 44
Joe Sorah, 46
Terry Stewart, 44

Tony Key, 49
Michael McIe, NA
Skip Palmer, NA

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