If I sign an Authorization Card am I a Union Member?

No. The Authorization Card is the first step in the process for representation but not union membership.  The only way you become a union member is after winning a representation election, negotiating an employee-approved Collective Bargaining Agreement, and signing a dues checkoff form.

Once we have signed at least 30% of the employees on an Authorization Card, we can then petition the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) to conduct a secret ballot election at your organization.  The NLRB in turn notifies your employer that they have been served with a petition and asks them for a name list of Employees who are eligible to be represented under the law.

After the NLRB determines that you have met the 30% minimum, they will schedule a hearing to determine if any additional employees should be included or excluded.  Once this is determined we will schedule times, dates, and places at the mine sites to conduct the elections.

After the election is conducted, the outcome is determined by a majority of those who voted in the election.  If a majority vote in is favor of representation, then the Union will bargain on your behalf with the company.  If a majority vote is against representation, then there will not be any bargaining on your behalf.  It is very important that you vote in this election because it is the majority of only those who vote.



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