Union Plus: Life Insurance


Term-to-70 helps protect your family from the unexpected

You’ve worked hard to keep your family secure, but unexpected situations can happen.
That’s why it’s important to get a life insurance plan that helps protect your family’s financial future.


Term-to-70 Life Insurance helps protect your family from the financial burden of an unexpected death. The costs of funeral arrangements and outstanding bills are high enough, not to mention the day-to-day bills (mortgage, car payment, college tuition, etc.) your family will face when you’re gone. And with today’s rising costs and debt, many employer-sponsored life insurance plans may not provide enough coverage alone.


What makes the Union Plus plan different?


Union Plus Term-to-70 Life Insurance exclusively serves union members and their families. We’re able to provide specially arranged rates typically reserved only for large groups. 

– Coverage without re-application, underwriting, or changes to your benefits until age 70 when you can convert to the Senior Term Life insurance plan without any medical questions. 

– Provides a waiver of premium — which means, you don’t have to make any payment—for up to 3 months during a union-sanctioned strike, involuntary layoff or lockout lasting 30 days or more and is subject to a 30-day waiting period. This is a union-member-only benefit. 

– Unlike some other insurance administrators, Union Plus does not ask you to take a medical exam, depending on your answer to the health questions on the application, for coverage up to and including $200,000 in order to receive coverage.  

– Provides you a 60-day review period with a satisfaction guarantee if you decide that this coverage is not right for you. 

– Gives you a toll-free, US-based customer service support phone number. 



Union Plus Term-to-70 Life Insurance rates

And, in case you missed it, last year Union Plus negotiated 12% lower premiums for the Union Plus Term-To-70 Life Insurance Plan. The reduced rates applied to all union members, including the thousands who had already purchased coverage. As a union member you are eligible for this valuable term life insurance at affordable rates not available to the general public.

The Term-to-70 Insurance Plan offers rates in 5-year age bands. All premiums are based on each person’s smoking status and age at time of issuance and change when the person attains a new age bracket.

You are considered a non-smoker if you have not smoked cigarettes or cigars, or used a pipe, chewing tobacco, nicotine products or snuff during the 12 months before applying for insurance.

You select the amount of protection you want to purchase.