Second COVID Case Confirmed on Navajo

Source: Navajo Times

March 17, 2020


A second COVID-19 case has been confirmed on the Navajo Nation, President Jonathan Nez confirmed during a live KTNN public forum Tuesday evening.

Only a few hours before the second case was confirmed, a 46-year-old man was confirmed as the first case for Navajo Nation. It was confirmed that both individuals had been travelling and both are from the Chilchinbito community

“Pray for their quick recovery,” said Nez on air. “People have recovered from COVID-19.”

Officials are in the process of determining the relationship between the two cases. Like the first patient, the second individual is a middle-aged man and reported his symptoms to the Kayenta Health Center. He was taken to a hospital off the Nation for testing.

During his radio address Nez told listeners not to panic but to also stay home as well as being mindful of the vulnerable population, which are the elders. He reminded listeners to avoid gatherings with more than 10 people.

Vice President Myron Lizer emphasized prayer, and to also not let panic take over to the point a person is excessively shopping at the grocery stores.

Since people are continuing to empty grocery store shelves Bashas’ grocery stores will open from 6 to 7 a.m. Wednesday so that elders 65 and up can shop. Shoppers will have to show an I.D., and if a caregiver is needed, then one caregiver is allowed, but they’re not allowed to shop for themselves. All purchase limitations will be in effect.

Kayenta Chapter had posted to community members in Kayenta Chapter, Chilchinbeto Chapter and Dennehotso Chapter to stay home unless they absolutely have to travel for supplies or other necessities and asked them to postpone any appointments.

Chilchinbeto Chapter stated they will be closed to the public until further notice. They are communicating with community health representatives and Navajo Nation Emergency Management Department.

Questions from the public may be directed to the Navajo Health Command Operations Center at (928) 871-7014. If a person has symptoms related to the COVID-19 virus, please contact your local health care center prior to your arrival:


  • Chinle Comprehensive Health Care Facility
    (928) 674-7001/7688
  • Crownpoint Health Care Facility
    (505) 786-5291/6381
  • Fort Defiance Indian Hospital Board, INC
    (928) 729-8000
  • Gallup Indian Medical Center
    (505) 722-1000
  • Sage Memorial
    (928) 755-4500
  • Kayenta Health Center
    (928) 697-4000
  • Northern Navajo Medical Center
    (505) 368-6001
  • Tuba City Regional Health Care
    (866) 976-5941
  • Utah Navajo Health System
    (866) 976-5941
  • Winslow Indian Health Care Center
    (928) 289-4646
  • Arizona Poison and Drug Information Center
    (844) 542-8201
  • New Mexico Coronavirus Hotline
    (855) 600-3453


By: Arlyssa Becenti