Brooke County Commissioners back preservation of UMWA pensions

Source: WTOV9



Commissioners in Brooke County are showing their support for the protection and preservation of pension and healthcare for UMWA plan beneficiaries.

At Tuesday morning’s commissioners meeting, a resolution was passed to show support and say that they want the federal government to act to protect the pensions of these retirees.

It’s a nation-wide issue threatening the pension of miners. U.S. Senator Joe Manchin joined Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Senator Shelly Moore-Capito recently in introducing a bill to protect the pensions of 92,000 retired miners and their families across the industry.

“The pension benefits for miners throughout the country are now being threatened because of bankruptcy and things like that, and we wanted to throw our support behind those retirees,” Commissioner AJ Thomas said.

The signed resolution will now be sent to Manchin’s office in hopes of making an impact in Washington.