Local Union 4826, Working for You


Sitting just off Industrial Highway in Caldwell, Ohio, is International Converter, a leader in foil laminates, high-quality packaging, and more.  The work that UMWA members of Local Union 4826 do at the plant has made the company a global leader in manufacturing.  

Image of the front of the International Converter building.
The front of the International Converter building.

Billy Wheeler, who has been the local union president since 2011, said he is proud of the work the membership does at the plant.  “If every household opens their pantry at home, I almost guarantee that one of our products is in there,” said Wheeler.  

“Pringles, Jiffy Pop popcorn, and pasta bags are just a few of the popular materials we manufacture.  I take pride in knowing that we serve not just our local communities but around the world.  It’s simple things that most households have and use every day of their lives, and it’s done right here at the plant,” Wheeler said.    

The company sets a high standard for the products it produces and has a set of principles to ensure a common-sense approach to the management of business activities to consistently achieve customer satisfaction.  That is exactly what the members of Local 4826 have been able to achieve.

Image of Jiffy Pop produced by UMWA members.
Pictured is just one of the many materials produced by UMWA members at the plant in Caldwell, Ohio. Jiffy Pop is a unionized snack enjoyed by millions around the globe.

“I can’t say enough about the hard work and dedication of our members at International Converter.  I am truly amazed at some of the products they produce,” said International District 31 Vice President Rick Altman.   

“I’ve been to the plant on several occasions and many of the products are on display.  If someone told me our members produced some of the materials, I would have never believed it.  I am very proud of the work they have done and continue to do.”  

Whether you are walking into a grocery store, a medical facility, or a pharmacy, you have inevitably been in contact with materials that are manufactured at International Converter.  “Not only do our members of Local Union 4826 provide a service to consumers worldwide, but they also provide quality products to all of us locally and most of us probably don’t even know it,” said President Roberts.  

 “Our members are working for us every single day, and they do an outstanding job,” Roberts said.  “We are proud of each of them for the extremely hard work they do to provide basic household amenities to all of us.   We are all honored they are a part of our diverse membership of the United Mine Workers of America.”


Image of Local Union 4826 members.
Local Union 4826 members