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Bankruptcy as Bailout – Coal Company Insolvency and the Erosion of Federal Law

Source: Stanford Law Review Almost half of all the coal produced in the United States is mined by companies that have recently gone bankrupt. This Article explains how those bankruptcy proceedings have undermined federal environmental and labor laws. In particular, coal companies have used the Bankruptcy Code to evade congressionally imposed liabilities requiring that they […]

Retired coal miners seek Congress’s help to preserve their pensions

Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette WASHINGTON — Dave VanSickle spent most of his life underground cutting and loading coal. Some days were grueling, but he got through the worst of them by reminding himself he was working toward a worry-free retirement with a pension guaranteed to sustain him through old age. That financial security is about to be yanked […]

A Million People Could Lose Their Pensions If Congress Doesn’t Act

Source: HuffPost A crisis years in the making is about to hit retired coal miners and truckers first. FAIRMONT, W.V. ― Joe Brown worked for more than 30 years as a roof bolter at the Federal #2 Mine in Marion County. Installing roof supports is one of the most hazardous jobs in coal mining, essential […]

UMWA reopen agreement on Murray Energy wages

Source: WV MetroNews May 20, 2019 CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The United Mine Workers of America is reopening the collective bargaining agreement with the Bituminous Coal Operators Association in order to negotiate a wage increase with Murray Energy Corp. properties. The UMWA said Monday the agreement has been in effect since August 2016 and contains provisions allowing […]

Who is Union Plus?

Source: Union Plus We Work Hard to Make Life a little Easier for You and Your Family Union Plus is a non-profit and we’re the ONLY consumer benefits organization created and endorsed by the AFL-CIO. Here at Union Plus, our mission is to improve the quality of life for union members and their families, provide […]

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