Join a Union, Join the UMWA!

“Heed this cry that comes from the hearts of men. Organize the unorganized!”

-John L. Lewis


Since its inception, the UMWA has fought tirelessly to address the inequality between hardworking employees and their employers by ensuring that employees had a seat at the table. The UMWA is committed to restoring the American Dream for the millions of hardworking people in North America.

We have been essential in gaining safer working conditions, better wages, healthcare and other benefits for the workers in MANY industries. If you want to help in receiving a fair share of the wealth you create for your employer, please do not hesitate to contact us about joining the UMWA.


For more information contact the UMWA Regional Director for your area, or click here:


Region 1 (Pennsylvania, Northern West Virginia, Northern Ohio and New York)
Mike “Biggin” Payton – 724-550-4440


Region 2 (Virginia, Southern West Virginia, Eastern Kentucky, Alabama and Southern Ohio)
Gary Trout – 304-343-0259


Region 3 (Illinois, Indiana and Western Kentucky)
Steve Earle – 270-825-2333


Region 4 (Utah and Colorado)
Robert Butero – 719-846-2402


Canada Jody Dukart – 306-421-6071


International Office James Gibbs – 703-291-2400