America’s Pension Crisis – ARE YOU NEXT?

The Pension Crisis facing millions of American workers is real.

When the housing market crashed in 2008 and the federal government bailed out Wall Street, big banks and the brokerage houses that caused the crisis, but they forgot about the people who were losing the most – YOU!

Since 2008, hundreds of pension plans across the country, that were almost fully funded and well managed prior to the crash, have seen billions of dollars in assets vanish, risking the pensions that current and future retirees and their families have earned from years of working in businesses and industries across the country.

Many of these pension plans will soon become insolvent, leaving families and communities devastated.  Through no fault of their own, working-families and retirees could see the pension they worked for eliminated.  Without immediate action by Congress, this possibility will become a reality for millions of working-class people.

One of those families could be yours, a family member, a neighbor, a friend or simply another hard-working American who thought their retirement future was secure.

We need Congress to ACT NOW!

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