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Warrior Met Message from President Roberts

February 16, 2022 International President Roberts discusses the current status of the Warrior Met Strike and next steps.   President…

Tom Morello & Grandson show UMWA support on the Jimmy Fallon Show

THANK YOU Tom Morello and Grandson for showing your support for the #UMWA miners on strike Warrior Met Coal on…

53rd Annual Farmington Memorial - Virtual Event

Unfortunately, to ensure the safety of our membership and their families, UMWA District 31 made the decision to hold this…

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UMWA – Going on seven month of striking and not back down!

UMWA miners on strike at Warrior Met Coal are going on their 7th month of striking, and the fight will continue until these miners get the contract that they deserve! This week at Tannehill State Park, UMWA International President Cecil E. Roberts reminds the crowd what all of this is for and repeats that we […]

Warrior Met Strike Solidarity Rally – September 22, 2021

The United Mine Workers were back at Tannehill State Park this week rallying for the miners on strike at Warrior Met Coal. These miners have sacrificed for years to bring this company out of bankruptcy and all they are asking for is a fair contract that they deserve! #WarriorMetsWrong 

08.17.21 Warrior Met Rally

UMWA’s 16th #Solidarity rally at Tannehill State Park. We will not give up. We will not back down. Join us next week, August 25th to help us fight for justice for the miners on strike at Warrior Met. #WarriorMetsWrong

Secretary-Treasurer Sanson spoke at Solidarity Rally

Secretary-Treasurer Sanson spoke at this week’s Solidarity Rally at Tannehill State Park. UMWA members and supporters continue to rally together fighting for the contract the miners at Warrior Met Coal deserves! #UnitedWeStand #WarriorMetsWrong

July 21, 2021 United We Stand Solidarity Rally!

Thank you to everyone who came out this week in support of our Brothers and Sisters on strike at Warrior Met Coal. #WarriorMetsWrong and we need to stand together to get the contract our miners deserve! On July 28, 2021, join the UMWA in New York City as we picket outside of Warrior Mets biggest […]

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