UMWA recognizes Vietnam War Veterans Day


MARCH 27, 2020


[TRIANGLE, VA.] March 29 was established in 2017 by Congress as National Vietnam War Veterans Day, a day to remember and honor the more than 2.7 million service men and women who served in Vietnam during that conflict, and especially the 58,148 who were killed.


United Mine Workers of America International President Cecil E. Roberts issued the following statement today:


“As a Vietnam veteran myself, I know first-hand the pride and honor of serving my country in that war and the unrest and heartache that Vietnam veterans experienced upon their return home. The men and women, who sacrificed so much to defend the principles of our nation during the Vietnam War, never got a parade or a formal welcoming home ceremony.


“They were not hailed as heroes for serving in Southeast Asia, as other returning military veterans were in past wars. But it is never too late to honor their service. It is never too late to welcome them home. And it is certainly never too late to show respect to these veterans as a citizen of a grateful nation.


“I have been honored to be able to participate in West Virginia’s recognition of Vietnam War Veterans Day, which is annually held on March 30, and I am saddened that commemoration had to be cancelled this year because of the COVID-19 outbreak. I salute my good friend Dave Simmons, the President of the West Virginia State Council of the Vietnam Veterans of America. He does an outstanding job for all of us.


“The UMWA will never forget our veterans, no matter where or when they served. We say to all veterans: Thank you for your service and welcome home.”


To see the video the UMWA produced in honor of Vietnam War Veterans Day, click here.