Video shows trucks hitting workers picketing outside Warrior Met Coal

Source: WBRC Fox 6 News

June 8, 2021

BROOKWOOD, Ala. (WBRC) -Things are apparently getting heated at the on-going strike at the Warrior Met Coal plant. Union officials say some workers are turning to violence.

The United Mine Workers of America tells WBRC, some of its members have been hit by cars three times in the past three days while on the picket line.

In video, you can see a red truck bumping someone picketing outside Warrior Met Coal.

The other video shows a black truck hitting someone else as it made its way into the plant.

UMWA feels this is the company or some of its workers way of not allowing its workers to rightfully protest. The coal miners say they are looking for equality and fair treatment on the job.

This latest incident comes after a number of arrests took place in recent days among workers who are picketing.

“We’ve done nothing to provoke these attacks. They really kind of changed the dynamics here and assumed that they’re going to adopt a violence stance against people are who engaging in a peaceful activity,” Phil Smith with UMWA said.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office is not aware of any police reports filed yet, but they have increased patrols to keep the peace.

UMWA’s president is calling on Warrior Met Coal to come to the bargaining table in good faith, ready to hammer out a fair and reasonable agreement.

We’ve reached out to Warrior Met Coal but haven’t heard back yet.

Written by: Josh Gaunt

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