UMWA makes trek from Marmet to Racine to remember the Blair Mountain Battle

Source: WOWK

September 2, 2019

CHARLESTON, W.Va. (WOWK)- On Monday UMWA International President Cecil Roberts and 14 others made the trek from Marmet, West Virginia to Racine, West Virginia, all to honor those who came before them.

The 11 mile hike is one miners made almost 100 years ago during the March and Battle of Blair Mountain. To kick-off the UMWA’s two-year remembrance of the battle, the group marched for hours along Route 94 to honor those union miners’ sacrifice.

That battle included 12,000 union miners who marched under the leadership of Bill Blizzard, Cecil Roberts Great Uncle. The group was met by an organized private army under the control of non-union coal companies and a five-day battle ensued.

Along with Roberts, Delegate Mike Caputo, (D) Marion and UMWA Secretary Levi Allen also made the trip. According to Roberts 15 people started the walk with all 15 finishing at the UMWA’s Annual Labor Day Picnic in Racine, West Virginia.

Written by: Adrienne Robbins