President Roberts Named Co-Chair of the Mother Jones Statue Committee

January 30, 2020


President Roberts was named an Honorary National Co-Chair of the Mother Jones Statue Committee by the Mother Jones Heritage Project.


Mary Harris “Mother” Jones was once labeled “the most dangerous woman in America” by a U.S. district attorney. She was a fearless organizer for the United Mine Workers and a staunch advocate for workers in their struggle for justice.


President Cecil E. Roberts’ great-grandmother, Sarah Blizzard, fought along side Mother Jones in the Paint Creek – Cabin Creek Strike of 1912. “Mother” Blizzard and “Mother” Jones once even participated in a march where they allegedly struck policemen with their umbrellas.


The Mother Jones Heritage Project is working to place a statue in her honor in the city of Chicago. They wish to recognize “a woman whose grit and determination overcame a life of terrible hardship” and “rose from her own despair to become a powerful advocate for the worth of every person, including mine community women, reaching across lines of gender, color, class and national origin.”


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