Letter from UMWA President Roberts to President Trump Regarding Importance of Getting a Fix for Multiemployer Pension System

March 22, 2020


President Roberts sent a letter to President Trump regarding the importance of getting a fix done for the multiemployer pension system as part of the stimulus bill. We believe this is the perfect time to preserve the pensions of millions of hard working Americans.


“As the administration and Congress work to pass legislation that will provide vitally needed economic stimulus across the American economy in this time of great national peril, I strongly urge you to include language that will protect the pensions of millions of hard-working Americans and senior citizens.”


“I urge you to persuade Congress to include the language of the Emergency Multiemployer Pension Plan Relief Act of 2020 in the stimulus legislation. This legislation will provide the means for working Americans to have some measure of economic security in these difficult times.”


Now that our pensions are protected, we are continuing the fight to protect ALL WORKERS’ pensions. 


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