Associate Membership Spotlight

Wilma Steele

The next UMWA Associate Membership Spotlight goes to Sister Wilma Steele. Wilma exemplifies dedication and commitment as a UMWA Associate Member and stands as a pillar of support alongside her husband, retired Local Union 1440 member Terry Steele.

Notably, Sister Wilma is a prominent founding board member of the esteemed West Virginia Mine Wars Museum. Her involvement in the ‘Save Blair Mountain’ project underscores her passion for preserving the rich heritage of the mining community. Her tireless efforts have been instrumental in safeguarding the legacy of miners and their struggles for justice.

“Sister Wilma is an active participant in Local Union 1440 meetings, where her insights and perspectives are highly valued,” said District 17 Vice President Brian Lacy.

Moreover, she finds fulfillment in offering engaging public tours at the museum, where she captivates audiences with her profound knowledge and unwavering dedication to honoring the miners’ history.

Beyond her contributions to the labor movement, Sister Wilma boasts a distinguished career as a retired Mingo County educator. Through her teachings, she has never wavered in her commitment to educating others about the hardships miners face and the significance of their journey toward unionization.

Sister Wilma Steele embodies the spirit of solidarity and activism, leaving an indelible mark on the UMWA community and beyond. Her unwavering dedication to preserving history and advocating for miners’ rights serves as an inspiration to all.