Associate Membership Spotlight

Phil Wallace


Brother Phil Wallace’s dedication to the United Mine Workers of America (UMWA) spans several years, marking him as a committed Associate Member of the union. His journey in the labor movement is intertwined with his extensive experience in the printing industry, where he has dedicated an impressive 47 years of service. Currently at the helm of Ohio Valley Printing Company in Martin’s Ferry, Ohio, Brother Wallace’s professional background in printing has not only contributed to his success but has also become a valuable asset in supporting the UMWA and District 31.

“Over the years, Phil has produced materials for the UMWA and District 31,” said District 31 Vice President Michael Payton. “He is a huge support for Local Union 1304 and his neighboring local union brothers and sisters.” His unwavering support extends beyond organizational boundaries, encompassing the broader community of local union brothers and sisters who rely on his advocacy and dedication.

Beyond his professional and union affiliations, Brother Wallace’s public service extends to his past role as the Mayor of Martin’s Ferry. Despite transitioning from this position, his commitment to community and labor remains steadfast, as evidenced by his continued active involvement in local union politics. Presently serving as the Head of the Democratic Party in Belmont County, Brother Wallace has seamlessly blended his civic and union responsibilities, showcasing a multifaceted commitment to both political and labor causes.

In summary, Brother Phil Wallace emerges as a seasoned individual whose contributions span the realms of business, labor, and politics. His legacy as an Associate Member of the UMWA is not only marked by years of service but also by a deep-seated commitment to the betterment of his community and the causes he champions.