Associate Membership Spotlight

Evelyn Marrow


Evelyn Marrow, a devoted advocate and vibrant Associate Member of the United Mine Workers of America (UMWA), calls the idyllic state of Colorado her home. While she may not have toiled in the mines herself, Evelyn’s unwavering support for the UMWA stems from a deep connection to the union through her husband, who devoted 38 years of his life to U.S. Steel.

Sister Marrow’s journey as an Associate Member is a testament to her recognition of the profound impact that the UMWA has had on her family’s life. Her husband’s long-standing commitment to the union has left an indelible mark on their shared experiences and well-being. As an avid supporter throughout his career, Sister Marrow has witnessed firsthand the positive influence of the UMWA on the working conditions, benefits, and livelihood of her family.

Proudly wearing the badge of an Associate Member, Evelyn Marrow understands the importance of standing in solidarity with the UMWA. Her endorsement of the union’s values and the positive changes it has brought to countless lives is a reflection of her appreciation for the tireless efforts of its members.

Sister Marrow encourages every supporter of the UMWA to consider becoming an Associate Member. She passionately believes that acknowledging and supporting the union is not just a choice but a responsibility. Having personally experienced the tangible benefits of UMWA membership, she emphasizes the need for reciprocity – to support those who have, in turn, supported you.

Evelyn Marrow’s story is one of gratitude, solidarity, and advocacy. As an engaged and proud Associate Member, she stands as a living testament to the enduring impact of the United Mine Workers of America on the lives of its members and their families.