Associate Membership Spotlight

Linda Waugh

The next Associate Membership Spotlight shines on Sister Linda Waugh! Linda Waugh dedicated her career as a secretary in the District 17 office in Logan, West Virginia, from 1973 to 2006. Even after her official retirement, she continues to serve as a temporary secretary in District 17 whenever her expertise is needed. As an Associate Member, Sister Linda remains proactive by ensuring her dues are paid monthly, directly from her UMWA pension check.

“Linda is a wonderful person,” said International District 17 Vice President Brian Lacy. “She helps complete pension and health care applications and promotes the UMWA both in the office and throughout her community.”

Linda’s dedication to the union is deeply rooted in her family history. Her father was a retired UMWA member who instilled in her the value of union membership from an early age. Reflecting on her family’s legacy, Linda shared, “I am so thankful for my union benefits that took care of my father and mother for their entire life.”

In 2024, Linda will celebrate 50 years of dedicated service to the UMWA. Beyond her union work, she is actively involved with the youth program at her church and cherishes spending time with her children and grandchildren. Sister Linda Waugh’s unwavering commitment and contributions to the UMWA and her community are truly commendable.