District 17 – District In Action

District 17 in Action! 


District 17, a bastion of labor activism, is dedicated to representing UMWA members in a vast and historically significant part of the United States. Encompassing southern West Virginia, southern Ohio, eastern Kentucky, Virginia, and North Carolina, District 17 covers a sprawling region with a rich heritage of militant labor history. This district has played a pivotal role in advocating for workers’ rights in the workplace and bringing an end to the outdated and exploitative “company town” system that once dominated these areas. Today, District 17 continues its unwavering commitment to representing a diverse membership, including miners, both in the coal and gravel industries, as well as healthcare workers and county employees.


  • Local Union 5741 dedicated a monument in honor of their local to be placed in Jenkins, Kentucky. Local Union 5741 raised money to proudly fund the entire project. Their local union was chartered June 21, 1933. Pictured are members of Local Union 5741 and District 17 officers and staff in front of the newly erected monument.


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