Pennsylvania – COMPAC Endorsements

Pennsylvania State COMPAC Endorsements

Eastern Pennsylvania

Seeking Endorsement
MDJ. Daniel O’Donnell (D)Luzerne CountyMagisterial Judge 11-3-03
Michael O’Pake (D)Schuylkill CountyCourt of Common Pleas
Gary Hess (D)Schuylkill CountyCommissioner

Central Pennsylvania

Seeking Endorsement
Pat Fabian (D)Armstrong CountyCommissioner
Rich Fera (D)Armstrong CountyCommissioner
Anthony Shea (R)Armstrong CountyCommissioner
Calvin Creighton (D)Armstrong CountyRecorder of Deeds
Don Palmer (R)Armstrong CountyManor Township Supervisor
Kenny Buzzard (R)Armstrong CountyMagisterial Judge 33-03-02
Tom Chernisky (D)Cambria CountyCommissioner
BJ Smith (D)Cambria CountyCommissioner
Ed Cernic (D)Cambria CountyController
Sharon L. Burke (D)Cambria CountyRegister of Wills
Faylynn Hall (D)Cambria CountyRecorder of Deeds
Braxton White (D)Cambria CountyCommissioner
Eric Miller (R)Indiana CountyAuditor
Aaron Lehman (D)Indiana CountyCommissioner
Sherene Hess (D)Indiana CountyCommissioner
Shelley Glessner (D)Somerset CountyAuditor
Pamela Tokar-Ickes (D)Somerset CountyCommissioner
Dusty Weir (R)Somerset CountySheriff

Western Pennsylvania

Seeking Endorsement
Anthony DeLuca (D)Allegheny CountyCourt of Common Pleas
Corey O’Connor (D)Allegheny CountyCounty Controller
Todd Hamer (D)Allegheny CountyCounty Council District 2
John Palmiere (D)Allegheny CountyCounty Council District 6
Nick Futules (D)Allegheny CountyCounty Council District 7
DeWitt Walton (D)Allegheny CountyCounty Council District 10
Paul Klein (D)Allegheny CountyCounty Council District 11
Sara Innamorato (D)Allegheny CountyCounty Executive
Erica Rocchi Brusselars (D)Allegheny CountyCounty Treasurer
Dan Grzybek (D)Allegheny CountyCounty Council District 5
David BonarotiAllegheny CountyCounty Council District 13
Rachel Heisler (D)Allegheny CountyPittsburgh City Controller
Bobby Wilson (D)Allegheny CountyPittsburgh City Council District 1
Bob Charland (D)Allegheny CountyPittsburgh City Council District 3
Barb Warwick (D)Allegheny CountyPittsburgh City Council District 5
Deb Gross (D)Allegheny CountyPittsburgh City Council District 7
Khari Mosley (D)Allegheny CountyPittsburgh City Council District 9
Tara Smith (i) Cross filedAllegheny CountyMagistrate 05-2-10
Daniel Konieczka (i) Cross filedAllegheny CountyMagistrate 05-2-03
Carolyn Bengel (i) Cross filedAllegheny CountyMagistrate 05-2-05
Jeffery Herbst (i) Cross filedAllegheny CountyMagistrate 05-2-07
Lisa Caulfield Cross filedAllegheny CountyMagistrate 05-2-08
Iren Evans (D)Allegheny CountyMagistrate 05-2-10
Erik Fisher (D)Allegheny CountyMagistrate 05-2-12
Patrick Campbell (i) Cross filedAllegheny CountyMagistrate 05-2-15
Michael Thatcher (i) Cross filedAllegheny CountyMagistrate 05-2-16
Jack Kobistek (i) Cross filedAllegheny CountyMagistrate 05-2-23
Nina Riccardi (D)Allegheny CountyMagistrate 05-2-27
Kate Lovelace (D)Allegheny CountyMagistrate 05-2-31
Melanie Pallone (D)Allegheny CountyMagistrate 05-2-32
Dan Butler (i) Cross filedAllegheny CountyMagistrate 05-2-35
James Hanley, Jr. (i) Cross filedAllegheny CountyMagistrate 05-2-36
Carla Swearingen-Batch (i) Cross filedAllegheny CountyMagistrate 05-2-43
Guiseppe Rosselli (D)Allegheny CountyMagistrate 05-3-02
Mitch Karaica (D)Allegheny CountyMagistrate 05-3-03
Bruce Boni (i) Cross filedAllegheny CountyMagistrate 05-3-06
Richard King (i) Cross filedAllegheny CountyMagistrate 05-3-14
Jeffery Redman (D)Fayette CountyRegister of Wills and Clerk of Orphans Court.
Scott T. Abraham (D)Fayette CountyController
Vince Vicites (D)Fayette CountyCommissioner
Tim Dye (D)Fayette CountyClerk of Courts
Nina Capuzzi Frankhouser (D)Fayette CountyProthonotary
Jack Conner (D)Fayette CountyDistrict Attorney
Dr. Philip Rielly (D)Fayette CountyCoroner
Rita Yantko (D)Fayette CountyMenallen Township Auditor
Rick Vernon (D)Fayette CountySouth Union Supervisor
 Jared Edgreen (R)Greene CountyCommissioner
Michael Holloway, Jr. (D)Greene CountyCommissioner
Blair Zimmerman (D)Greene CountyCommissioner
Jeannie Grimes (R)Greene CountyTreasurer
Paul Ondash (D)Greene CountyProthonotary
Tom Ankrom (R) (Cross Filed)Greene CountyMagisterial Judge
Brianna Vanata (R)Greene CountyDistrict Attorney
Leonard Stickovich (D)Greene CountyMorgan Township Supervisor
Dave Balint (Cross Filed)Greene CountyMagisterial Judge
Christina DeMarco-Breeden (D)Washington CountyDistrict Attorney
Larry Maggie and Cindy Fisher (D)Washington CountyCommissioner
Ted Kopas (D)Westmoreland CountyCommissioner
Douglas Chew (R)Westmoreland CountyCommissioner
Daniel D. McCaffery (D)PennsylvaniaSupreme Court Judge
Jill Beck (D)PennsylvaniaSuperior Court Judge
Tamika Lane (D)PennsylvaniaSuperior Court Judge
Matthew Wolfe (D)PennsylvaniaCommonwealth Court

Please Note: On Friday, August 25, 2023 the PA/NY State COMPAC Body voted to provide United States Senator Robert Casey (D-PA) with an early endorsement from United Mine Workers going into the 2024 Election.