Union Plus Union-Made Snacks for Game Day

Source: Union Plus

The Super Bowl is just around the corner! Put your game face on and tune in to watch it live from the safety of your own couch! We’ve gathered a list of union-made beer, snacks and desserts for you that are perfect for game day.

Get ready for Super Bowl Sunday! Did you know that unions play a big role in the Super Bowl? Footballs for the Super Bowl are made with union-made leather by United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW); of course, the NFL Players are members of NFLPA, and even the stadium workers are unionized!

Show your support by making your game day party spread union-made:


1845 Pils Michelob
Bass Pale Ale Mickey’s
Beck’s Miller
Blue Moon Molson Canadian
Budweiser Moosehead
Busch Natural
Butte Creek O’Doul’s (non alcoholic)
Goose Island Olde English 800
Hamm’s Pabst
Henry Weinhard’s Red Stripe
Hoegaarden Red Tail Ale
Iron City Rolling Rock
Keystone Light Sam Adams
Killian’s Schlitz
Kingfisher Premium Lager Shock Top
Kirin Steel Reserve
Labatt Blue Steelhead
Land Shark Lager Stegmaier
Leffe Blond Stella Artois


Alexander & Hornung Cheez-It
Always Tender Chex Mix
Ball Park Doritos
Banquet Fritos
Butterball Humpty Dumpty Potato Chips
Dearborn Sausage Co. Lay’s
Farmer John Pirate Booty
Farmland Smartfood Popcorn
Hebrew National Rold Gold Pretzels
Hormel Ruffles
Omaha Steaks Mission Chips
Oscar Mayer Old El Paso chips
Thumann’s Pace Salsa
Tyson Stacy’s Pita Chips
Act II Popcorn Sun Chips
Bagel Bites Tostitos chips and salsa
Bugels B&M Baked Beans


Ding Dongs Keebler Vanilla Wafers
Twinkies Kit Kat
SnoBalls Laffy Taffy
Rice Krispies Treats Breyer’s Ice Cream
Chips Ahoy Good Humor Ice Cream
Nabisco Nilla Wafers Prairie Farms Ice Cream