Mason County EMS workers want to unionize, officials say

Source: Fox 11

Emergency services workers told the Mason County Commission Thursday most of the county’s ambulance crew wants to unionize.

A majority prefer the United Mine Workers of America.

United Mine Workers of America officials say it has mined enough support to unionize ambulance workers in Mason County. The commission directly took over the EMS operation in January and financial uncertainties have the 47 workers concerned.

At a commission meeting Thursday, the union representative said an overwhelming majority of workers say they want a union.

Commissioners unanimously agreed to meet soon with a committee of four workers and lawyers to determine what will happen next, Brian Lacy with UMWA said.

This is new territory for both the EMS crews and commissioners,” Mason County Commissioner Sam Nibert said.

The United Mine Workers has represented emergency medical workers in Ohio as well.

The commission could elect to recognize the UMWA as a bargaining agent or force an election to determine if that’s what the EMS workers want, officials say.

Written by: Bob Aaron