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UMWA Local Union 4994

  “ It’s all about getting young blood in here. You can’t expect a Local Union to successfully represent and defend its members if you don’t train the up and coming leaders. One day, myself and the other officers won’t be here and it will be up to the younger generation of Brothers and Sisters […]

UMWA Local Union 1200

There is something to be said about Local Union 1200’s efforts to make their work environment safer every year. That shows the commitment they have to safety in general, but more importantly it demonstrates how they look out for one another. These Members produce a product many of us didn’t even realize we use. I […]

Local Union 4011 Making a Difference for Students

  Members of UMWA Local Union 4011 work at Wood Memorial High School. The school is located off Interstate 161 North in the town of Oakland City, Indiana, and is operated by the East Gibson School Corporation. It is the smallest of the three high schools in Gibson County. Students attending Wood Memorial are from […]

Alabama Coal

    In the rural areas of the state of Alabama, located in the depths of the earth, lies some of the highest quality coal and deepest underground coal mines in North America. The men and women of UMWA District 20 mine coal in the massive Blue Creek seam. This particular vein of coal has […]

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