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Warrior Met Coal’s strike practices could bring National Labor Relations Board complaint

Source: AL.COM August 23, 2021     The United Mine Workers of America is hailing a decision by the National Labor Relations Board against Warrior Met Coal. The NLRB notified Warrior Met on Aug. 13 that it is prepared to issue a complaint if the company does not enter into a settlement and provide the […]

Striking Coal Miners Are Demanding $1.1 Billion From World’s Largest Asset Firm

Source: August 17, 2021 History repeated itself as hundreds of miners spilled out of buses in June and July to leaflet the Manhattan offices of asset manager BlackRock, the largest shareholder in the mining company Warrior Met Coal. Some had traveled from the pine woods of Brookwood, Alabama, where 1,100 coal miners have been […]

Union Plus: Four Reasons to rethink your mortgage

Source: Union Plus   Four reasons to rethink your mortgage Needs change from time to time and for different reasons. As a homeowner, you want to be sure your home financing continues to meet your evolving needs and goals. Now may be a good time to rethink your mortgage and consider whether refinancing is right […]

At a Massive Union Rally, the Promise of a Better South

Source: In These Times August 6, 2021 To get to the big ballpark in Brookwood, Alabama, you drive down the Miners Memorial Parkway. The road goes by the local headquarters of the United Mine Workers of America (UMWA), and close to the Miners Memorial monument, which remembers 13 miners killed in a 2001 explosion. A […]

‘We are union!’: Rally held in Brookwood to support Warrior Met Coal mine strike

Source: The Tuscaloosa News August 5, 2021   They arrived by the busload. From South Carolina and Virginia, West Virginia and Kentucky; from Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois and Virginia, they came to Tuscaloosa County. Coal miners and coal miner supporters from across the eastern United States descended Wednesday on Brookwood to support the ongoing coal miner […]

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