Local Union Nomination Meeting

For the Nomination and Election of International Officers and District Representatives

Local Union nomination meetings shall be held in closed session, attended only by members of that particular Local Union. However, any declared candidate for International Office or District Representative or their representative may request that the candidate or one of their supporters (who is not a member of the particular Local Union) be admitted to the meeting for the sole and limited purpose of addressing the Local membership on behalf of the candidate.

Such person shall have in their possession written authorization to act as the candidate’s representative. All such requests to address the meeting shall be honored with a reasonable time allot- ted to each person so admitted. The length of time provided and the manner of treatment of speakers concerned with the same office shall in all cases be equal. All such speakers shall be excluded from the meeting during periods of discussion among the Local membership and during the balloting and tabulation.

Nomination meetings shall be so conducted as to permit and encourage maximum participation by the Local Union members, with all members being treated equally. Any member of the Local Union in good standing as of the time of the nomination meeting shall be allowed to place names in nomination for any of the offices to be filled and shall have an equal and reasonable opportunity to state the reason for their nominations.

A member whose work prevents attendance at the nomination meeting may place names in nomination by submitting them in writing in advance to the Local Union Recording Secretary. Names placed in nomination need not be seconded or restricted to those persons who have declared their candidacy.


Below is a list of Local Union Meetings by District:


District 2

District 12

District 17

District 20

District 22

District 31

Western Canada