NBCWA Panel Rights

Understand your Rights

Panel Rights under the 2016 National Bituminous Coal Wage Agreement (NBCWA)

For UMWA members employed at The Ohio Valley Coal Company (TOVCC) and The Ohio Valley Transloading Company (TOVTC) the following rights apply to all laid-off and active miners with regard to panel and recall rights under the terms of the 2016 NBCWA.

All members currently on laid-off status and any active members employed at TOVCC and TOVTC who may become unemployed during the term of the Agreement shall have the right to panel to all of Murray American Energy Inc. (MAEI) signatory operations.

It is the responsibility of the member currently on laid-off status and any member laid-off in the future to list all signatory operations for which they wish to be considered for recall on their panel form.  Members currently on laid-off status must immediately revise their panel forms listing the MAEI signatory operations. In addition, members may revise their panel forms annually to reflect any changes in their recall preference.  Members who are laid-off during the term of this Agreement shall make such designation(s) at the time they complete their panel form.

Seniority rights with respect to recall shall be governed by the language in Article 17 of the NBCWA for all signatory operations of the employer.


Panel forms must be updated in order for any member to be eligible for recall.  It is the responsibility of each member to immediately update their panel form.  Any member currently on laid-off status who does not update their panel form prior to any future recall is effectively removing themselves from eligibility for such recall.

Also, members employed in Ohio who are recalled to any operation located in the state of West Virginia must obtain a West Virginia Miners Certificate.  These individuals will be required to pass a test administered by the state to receive such a certificate.  The UMWA strongly recommends that all active and laid-off members from Ohio make arrangements to take the test as soon as possible. 

Regular Miner Certification (Black Hat)  

Mine Foreman Application Packet.

Reciprocity Study Guide 

Electrician Application.

Additional information on testing can be obtained by contacting the West Virginia Office of Miners Health Safety and Training (WVOMHST) in Westover, WV at (304) 285-3268.