UMWA Career Centers

The UMWA Career Centers receives state and federal grants to provide services to dislocated miners from the communities of Appalachia.

The Career Centers has provided training and education to well over 6,000 individuals residing in rural coal mining communities throughout the United States. It partners with state workforce development offices, local workforce investment delivery areas and other community agencies to provide a seamless system to ensure no duplication of services.


Programs operated by the UMWA Career Centers include:

  • Dislocated Mine Workers and Families of Dislocated Mine Workers programs
  • Outreach Crisis Program for Youths through the Office of Juvenile Justice
  • Department of Environmental Protection (Pa.) feasibility study and database project
  • Capacity building study on the effectiveness of local workforce delivery systems
  • TANF (Temporary Assistance to Needy Families) Welfare Initiative grant project
  • Heavy equipment training school
  • New miner training
  • Industry Partnership grant project and Coal Heritage grant project


For more information on UMWA Career Centers, Inc., click here. Contact them via email at or phone at 1-877-798-8692.