“Fight Like Hell”

Fight Like Hell: The Testimony of Mother Jones


“Fight Like Hell: The Testimony of Mother Jones” is now available to purchase through BullFrog Films. More information is provided below.


We were never supposed to know her name. She was a poor Irish immigrant who survived famine and war, fire, and plague. Unable to save her husband or their four small children, she dedicated her life to saving working families everywhere. The robber barons called her “the most dangerous woman in America,” but workers called her “Mother Jones.”


Upton Sinclair said of her, “She had force, she had wit, she had the fire of indignation; she was the walking wrath of god.” Mother Jones said of herself “I’m not a humanitarian, I’m a hellraiser.” Most famously, she told her followers to, “pray for the Dead and fight like hell for the living.” She educated, agitated, and organized the dispossessed and showed America what it could be.


With the gap between the rich and poor growing wider by the day, the just and democratic society Mother Jones fought for is under attack. Her hour has come again. It is time that her story and the fierce struggles of working families are brought back to life.


Drawn from her autobiography, letters, speeches, and interviews, FIGHT LIKE HELL is as bold and forceful as Mother Jones herself. Adapted from Obie Award-winning Actress Kaiulani Lee’s one-woman play “Can’t Scare Me,” FIGHT LIKE HELL was written and performed by Lee and directed by Emmy-nominated and Peabody Award-winning filmmaker Ian Cheney.


“Fight Like Hell is nothing short of awe-inspiring. This film reminds us that history indeed repeats itself while telling the tale of the struggles and battles of American workers. Every aspect of the film, from the costume to the scenery and most impressively, Kaiulani Lee’s compelling performance brings you back in time to the beginning of the American Labor Movement and the conditions that led to it. From her first line, “I know you came to hear about the violence at Blair Mountain,” to her last, “You must buckle on your armor. Don’t be afraid. We will stand together. It’s a fighting age,” Kaiulani Lee is Mother Jones.” – UMWA International President Cecil E. Roberts



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