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Coal Workers Fight for Benefits as Industry Struggles Under Trump

Source: NBC News Coal workers have been among the president's strongest supporters, but their pensions remain at risk as industry…

Unions stick up for the whole working class

Source: Kentucky State AFL-CIO August 7, 2019 We’re used to union-haters lying about us. One of their standby falsehoods is…

The Pittston Strike - April 5, 1989

UMWA member, Harless Mullens, from Local Union 2274, speaks about his first day on strike against the Pittston Coal Company…

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Union Plus: Hotel Discounts

The Best Hotel Prices – The Easiest Booking Experience   Great Hotels, Easy Booking Whether you’re planning a “staycation” or a once in a lifetime “bucket list” trip, your Union Plus Hotel Discount has you covered.   Hotels You Know — Savings Union Members Deserve Union members save up to 65% on your favorite global hotels, including […]

One Day Longer – The Pittston Strike 30th Anniversary

ONE DAY LONGER – THE PITTSTON STRIKE​ On April 5, 1989, the United Mine Workers of America was forced to strike by the Pittston Coal Company, which wanted to take away health care of its retirees. This year, we celebrated the 30 year anniversary of the Pittston Strike at the annual Fish Fry in Castlewood, […]

Retired Coal Miners Take Capitol Hill, Pushing for a Fix to Pension System

Source: 100 Days in Appalachia July 25, 2019 A rush of retired coal miners and advocates were in Washington this week, pushing members of Congress to protect their pensions.. About 40 members of the United Mine Workers of America (UMWA) arrived on Capitol Hill Tuesday to meet with lawmakers and voice their concerns during a […]

We must keep our promise to mine workers

Source: The Hill July 23, 2019 Perhaps the warning light on your dash is nothing major, but what if it is? No one wants to pay for repairs that might not be needed, but we know that ignoring or avoiding the issue is to do so at your peril and sometimes at great cost. Congress […]

‘Our paychecks bounced’: US workers in limbo as coalmines suddenly close

Source: The Guardian July 23, 2019   Blackjewel files for chapter 11 in a move critics say is increasingly used to avoid paying workers what they are owed. On 1 July, Missy Cole was notified by her bank that her husband’s most recent paycheck had bounced, leaving their account more than $1,000 in the red. […]

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