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John L. Lewis Portrait Gallery

John L. Lewis Portrait Gallery

Lewis is pictured circa 1920 shortly after becoming UMWA president.

Lewis is pictured with AFL president Samuel Gompers on a visit to the White House in 1922.

Lewis is shown with UMWA vice-president Phil Murray (at right) and UMWA secretary-treasurer Thomas Kennedy (at left) during the 1925 anthracite negotiations.

Lewis is shown with AFL president Bill Green in 1928.

Lewis circa 1931.

Lewis in the CIO days, circa 1935.

Lewis is shown emphasizing a point about workers' rights at a U.S. Senate hearing in 1935.

Lewis is pictured with Sidney Hillman, president of the Clothing Workers after the CIO organized General Motors in 1937.

Creation of the UMWA Welfare Fund, May 29, 1946. Pictured seated from left are President Harry Truman, Secretary of the Interior Julius Krug and Lewis. The signing ceremony occurred in the White House Oval Office.

Lewis circa 1946.

Lewis speaks out against the "slave labor" Taft Hartley Act at the 1947 AFL convention.

Lewis testifies before Congress on the lack of mine safety after the Centralia mine explosion in 1947.

Lewis emerging from the Orient No. 2 mine in West Frankfort, Illinois after viewing the devastation of a mine explosion that killed 119 miners in December 1951.

Lewis in 1952.

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