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Under the leadership of President Cecil E. Roberts and Secretary-Treasurer Daniel J. Kane, organizing commands a central part of the UMWA's mission. The union's efforts to organize the unorganized in all work places feature innovative methods that give our organizers the necessary tools to meet the challenges we face today. Some of these innovations include training all international staff about organizing, making the training available to all officials, training thousands of rank and file members, creating a matching fund to offset lost wages for rank-and-file members, working on organizing drives, computer training for lead organizers and computer programs to help with research and managing data.

Our organizing program is based on more than a century of experience organizing workers in coal mines, auto manufacturing, construction, steel mills, hospitals, public sector, rubber industries, electrical utilities, data entry, schools, professionals and many other occupations. If you want a union that will take on all comers, if you want a union willing to stand up for the rights of its members, if you want a union that has a right to be proud of its accomplishments, then you are at the right place.

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