Public Employees

The United Mine Workers of America proudly represents thousands of public employees across the nation. Whether a correctional officer in Elk County, PA, a federal scientific research technician in Morgantown, WV, a county worker in Gallup, NM, or police officer in Rock Creek, WY, the union is there to ensure a safe working environment, job security, good benefits, and a fair wage.

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April Shumaker, L.U. 16

“Everyone has a voice in this union. When it comes right down to it you have someone there to protect you. You have to have a union to negotiate fairly. The more people you have on your side going for a common goal, the more likely you will receive that goal.”

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Are you a public employee looking for a safer work environment with a fair wage? If you would like to learn more about the benefits of being a UMWA member, click for "more." To speak to a UMWA representative, click here to find the Regional office closest to you.

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